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Early-career grant

To support researchers in their early-career stages (such as exceptional master’s students and promising PhD candidates), EPIB is looking for research projects various areas.


We are interested in candidates from all background that possess the relevant skills to undertake research. Most of the research will focus at things on scale, hence we are usually not interested on case studies of individual or a dozen of schools unless indicated otherwise.


We have a preference for research that includes quantitative analysis that moves beyond descriptive statistics (see the “How to prepare a good abstract” section for more details). However, some of the topics are purely qualitative and will not require any quantitative analysis.


We encourage applicants from underprivileged sections to apply. We also encourage women to apply. If you are a first-generation learner or if you went to a state government school, this will be an advantage.


Please note that the discipline backgrounds of the candidates listed under the topics are merely indicative.


Along with the grant, every successful candidate will be provided with a minimum of three session of 45 minutes each to discuss the proposal in detail, clarify any doubts, and to hint at further resources. These sessions will be led by an experienced researcher familiar with the topic.


Grant amount: 1.000 – 2.000 Euros (bank transfer costs will be covered by us)


Project duration:  3-6 months




Deadline for Abstract: 31. December 2023


Decision about qualification for proposal round: 30. Januar 2024


Proposal deadline: 15. March 2024


Final decision: 15. April 2024




Documents required for Abstract submission:


  • CV (include relevant information only; professional CVs do not include hobbies)

  • Current affiliation

  • An Abstract of no more than 1,000 words. This abstract shall clearly state which topic you want to research on, which methods you will use (such as regression analysis or other methods for causal inference or which qualitative methods), which data your analysis will be based on (will you gather primary data? what will be your sample size?), and how this relates to existing literature (you should cite literature in your abstract, but the 1,000 words do not include the reference list).

  • For masters’ students and PhD candidates: please indicate whether your supervisor supports your application – we will ask for a letter of support only if you qualify for the second round (the “proposal round”)

  • The amount you apply for (please note that we select candidates on a value-for-money basis)

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