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Grant FAQ
  • I would like to apply for a fund as a student / PhD candidate, but my supervisor does not want to provide me a recommendation letter. Can I still apply?"
    Yes, you can still apply but your application should include a note why you think she does not want to provide such a letter.
  • I have found a topic I would like to research but the indicated literature goes into a different direction. Should I still apply?
    Yes, the indicated literature is just indicative. It might well be that new, innovative research goes into a different direction.
  • I am studying at an Indian university that is less prestigious. Will my application have a chance?
    We are not selecting candidates based on their affiliation. We are aware that candidates from less privileged backgrounds face many barriers. If you are possessing the relevant skills, we will give preference to those candidates who come from less privileged backgrounds. We will also support you along the way by providing some mentorship.
  • I am really interested in doing research on one of the topics. However, I think I do not possess the relevant skills. Can I still apply?"
    We will only select candidates who already possess the relevant skills to undertake their research. You might still want to stay in touch in case we have other opportunities, such as summer schools in the future.
  • We want to apply as a team rather than an individual. Can we do this?
    Yes, we encourage joint applications, but you should clearly name one responsible person who will administer the grant and who will be our main contact.
  • I am a student outside India doing research on India. Can I still apply?
    Yes, we do not select candidates based on their country of residence or nationality.
  • I have some questions about my application. Whom can I contact?
    Please read all the guidance on the website before contacting us. We will only respond to questions that are not answered on our website. You can contact us at
  • I want to do research that is relevant for EPIB’s vision but the topic does not fit under any of the listed topics. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you can still apply if the topic is really relevant for strengthening government schools in Bihar.
  • I want to undertake desk research. Can I get funding?
    This is possible for some topics that do not require the generation of primary data through fieldwork. You would still need to provide a reasonable budget.
  • What all can I include in the budget?
    We will provide more detailed guidelines closer to the proposal round. In general, we aim to provide grants that enable researchers to undertake their research. This means that capital investments, such as new laptops, are not fundable. We, however, will check every budget on its individual merits and we are aware that less privileged applicants might have different requirements.
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